Water Damage Restoration

Timing is everything when it comes to water damage restoration and clean up. You need someone you can count on to help you through this stressful and confusing trauma. The Good Contractors List Restoration Care Team understand your vulnerability and we are here to help you IMMEDIATELY. We respond 24/7 to any and all of your emergency water damage needs.


You will call our 24/7 Emergency Hotline (972-734-1057) and speak with a live person who will collect the necessary information from you as quickly as possible.

You will be put on hold for a short time while as our dispatch team schedules the QUICKEST possible response.

You will then be given the name of the professional and the timeframe that you can expect themto arrive at your home.

The whole process should take less than 5 minutes and help will be on it’s way!


When the professional arrives at your home the first thing they will do is an inspection of the damage.

They will be looking for the source of water flow and make sure it is stopped.

They will inspect for contamination in the standing water.

They will identify the “type” of water. There are 3 categories (White, Gray, Black)

They will test and inspect every area of your home reached by the water and assess the damage and make you aware of any safety issues

They will move furniture or put them on blocks to prevent further damage


Based on the situation our professionals will either use submersible pumps or wet/dry vacuums to remove as much water as possible. Other equipment that may be used are moisture detectors, hygrometers, infrared cameras, and other meters to help determine the extent of damage.

The faster our team can remove the water, the less drying time will be necessary and the less likely you are to have mold and further damage to the rest of the house.


Once our team has removed the water process are put in place to remove the moisture from walls, floors, and other structures. Although it may appear that things look dry, it is amazing how much moisture that wood and drywall can hold before they start to break down visibly. It is important to remove all the humidity from the air and begin the drying process to avoid further damage and to keep mold from forming.

The way we do that is with Industrial-grade dehumidifiers and high-speed air movers. The dehumidifiers help prevent warping and swelling of floors, walls, and difficult to reach areas. The air movers (big fans) help create an airflow that accelerates the evaporation of moisture.

Moisture may be difficult to pinpoint, so these measures are here to keep any hidden damage from happening. It’s not rocket science, but the right equipment and expertise is required to insure you get the best dry out possible.


After everything is dry your walls, floors, and other items will more than likely need a professional cleaning. Flooding and water damage often needs to be deodorized as well.

Our team of professionals can potentially save you a lot of money by restoring your property and belongings versus having to replace everything. You would be amazed at how our processes returns your belongings in better condition than before the flood.

The best part about using The Good Contractors List Restoration Care Team for your water damage restoration is that we are a highly professional team that works together to take you all the way through to complete reconstruction. Making that call to Restoration Care Team is going to save you a lot of time, hassle, and money!

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