Fires can cause more damage to a home than just about any other catastrophic event. Not only will your home be damaged by smoke and fire, it will most likely be flooded through firefighting efforts. When this happens you want a team of professionals that know how to handle every level of fire and water damage. That’s when you call The Good Contractors List Restoration Care Team.

Our Restoration Care Team has the highest level of training and the most effective equipment in the business. We know how to get your home back to better than new! We can do everything from soot and odor removal to completely rebuilding your home from the ground up.


1) Call our 24/7 Emergency Hotline – We have a trained call center that answers your calls 24/7 and can help you schedule an appointment with our chosen professionals.

2) Complete Fire Damage Assessment – It is imperative that you hire experts that can assess the extent of damage to your home caused by fire, smoke, soot, and water damage. In order to get the most from your insurance company, this process needs to be handled by highly trained professionals.

3) Preventative Measures – When a fire occurs there are many times the integrity of the home is compromised and parts of the home are exposed to the outside elements. Our team will get to work quickly to board up any windows or open spaces and tarp roofs and exposed areas. We want to curtail any further damage from happening as soon as possible.

4) Water Damage Remove and Drying – If the fire was put out by the fire department you are going to have a great amount of water to remove. The Restoration Care Team has all the latest equipment to remove the water quickly and dry out the water damaged areas.

5) Smoke and Soot Removal – Our experts in soot and smoke removal can systematically remove all discoloration from your walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. They are also pros at removing the odor caused by smoke and soot.

6) Cleaning and Sanitizing – Our team can clean and restore all of your restorable items and structures. They can clean items covered in soot and they can remove the odor from your furniture and any other item that was blasted by billows of smoke.

7) Reconstruction – No matter what needs to be repaired or replaced, our team can do the smallest repair to building a new custom home from the ground up.

You only need to make one call and we can handle the rest! Call The Good Contractors List Restoration Care Team the next time you have an emergency or any other need for home services.

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