About Us

The Good Contractors List Restoration Care Team is a specialized group of restoration and reconstruction experts that were chosen because of their compassion and quality of work. The Good Contractors List has a complete find-bride list of contractors that we have screened to the point of guaranteeing their work to the homeowner. There is no other resource out there that has this “TEAM” concept and takes responsibility when their contractors do wrong.


Monitoring and Follow Up

The Good Contractors List records and physically listens to every call that comes in through our website to make sure that our contractors are handling our clients properly. We also call back every person and ask them about their experience so that we can see indicators of slackness in quality of work or integrity.

Mediation and Counseling

In most cases when issues arise with a contractor it stems from a misunderstanding or a failure to communicate. The Good Contractors List gets involved immediately and 99% of the time the issue is worked out amicably between the contractor and the homeowner. Accountability matters and just knowing there is a third party watching over things makes everyone feel safe and comfortable continuing to do business. However, there are times where the issue escalates to the point where we have to go out to the home and inspect the job to clarify concerns and hold the contractor to the standard we require. This does not happen very often, but in most cases the contractor steps up to the plate and time and time again exceed expectations.

The Guarantee

In the extremely rare cases where one of our contractors are shown where they fall short and they refuse to take responsibility OR we realize that they are not capable of delivering the quality we require, they are removed from the list immediately and The Good Contractors List will pay out of our own pockets to get it fixed by another one of our trusted contractors. This has only happened twice and in both cases it was a unique situation were the contractor lost key people and were scrambling to find chiefessays.net other craftsman. Because of our follow up processes, we were able to remove them before they could cause too much damage. In every case where it has reached this level, we have come through for the homeowner and given them exactly what they wanted. Not many companies out there can say that!

Restoration Care Team

Because of the nature of emergency restoration and reconstruction we wanted to pay extra special attention to what is going on for Fire, Water, and Storm Damage Restoration and know of every job they are working. Listening to calls and following up has been great, but we need to know everything about the jobs being conducted (i.e. how much the jobs are being billed for, how fast they were able to react, etc.) That is why we have developed a small team of the most compassionate and honest companies for this particular endeavor. We know how vulnerable homeowners are in emergency situations and we want to make sure they are very well taken care of and help them avoid the pitfalls associated with restoration and reconstruction.

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